Sulfateq B.V. is a biotech start-up, founded in 2011. It focusses on the research, sales and marketing of compounds and products based on hibernation. 

This concept is considered “disruptive technology” and can lead to many new applications, especially in the field of drug development. In less than two years, Sulfateq has developed into an innovative life science company with a team of dedicated professionals. The first registered product for the research market is Rokepie® (

Rokepie is part of Sulfateq B.V. and was founded in 2011 after the developmen of a compound named ROKEPIE-S01, inspired by nature’s hibernation mechanism. The Rokepie® additive facilitates an easier and more robust storage, transportation and/or shipping of cells and tissues. It protects cells against oxidative stress damage caused by low temperature preservation. The hibernation-like phase due to adding Rokepie® preserves the vital cell functions during storage and/or transport at 2-8°C, even for multiple days. Rokepie® is available worldwide as a RUO-product.