There's more to injectable drug delivery
There's more to injectable drug delivery

InnoCore serve the pharmaceutical and medical device industry by developing and manufacturing innovative drug delivery systems that enhance their products. Flexibility, compliance with the highest international quality standards and a true belief in the value of collaborative partnerships are the key elements of the InnoCore approach.

Drug Delivery
In today’s health care industry controlled drug delivery has become key in pharmaceutical product development. New innovative technologies that include fully bioresorbable polymers allow for increased performance of new and existing pharmaceutical compounds. Patients will benefit from the enhanced efficacy of pharmaceutical products and from reduction of side-effects.

Controlled drug delivery depots
InnoCore develops and manufactures drug delivery products that allow the controlled release of a wide range of small, medium sized and large (proteins) drug molecules. These formulations are based on bioresorbable polymers, developed using the company’s proprietary SynBiosys technology. Depending on the drug type, required drug loading, release period and site of application, SynBiosys polymers are processed into injectable depot formulations in the form of microspheres, microrods and drug eluting medical device coatings.

The versatility of SynBiosys polymers ensures formulations that are specifically geared towards the needs of our customers.