New building Polyganics on Zernike Campus

Tuesday 16 April 2019

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Polyganics receives a € 3,8 million subsidy for a new building on Zernike Campus Groningen. The medical technology company has outgrown their start-up status, being so successful that an expansion is needed to keep innovating and growing. The provincial grant stems from the Regional Investment Grant Groningen (RIG). Polyganics currently employs 48 people. The expansion yields 41 extra jobs and takes an investment of nearly €23 million. A great impetus for the entrepreneurial climate and research facilities on Campus Groningen!

Medical technology

Polyganics is a medical technology company bringing to market unique bioresorbable devices to facilitate tissue repair and regeneration after surgery. Their original polymers were developed at the University of Groningen and Polyganics spun out from this University in 1999.  In the new building there will be research labs, production rooms and offices. The construction work is planned to start end of 2019, and finish in 2021. 

About the RIG

The RIG was started in 2014, to give an impulse to the business climate and employment of industrial companies in the Eemsdelta and the Zernike Campus Groningen. The grant is part of the program of the Economic Board Groningen(EBG) and of the provincial program Groningen@Work 2016-2019.

Source article: provincie Groningen
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