Lode Holding: initiator, participant and part of the Campus Trail

Monday 3 September 2018

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The second edition of the Campus Trail will take place on the Zernike Campus on Thursday 6 September. Johannes Wolters, director of Lode Holding, was one of the initiators of this running event of 6.5 kilometers last year at the first edition. The route takes the participants along and especially through the buildings and companies on the Zernike Campus, including that of Lode himself. "Our business is the development and production of measuring equipment for performance and movement. We do this for Olympic gold medal winners, to help them with their achievements, for people who rehabilitate and have to learn to tie their laces and everything in between. We believe that exercise is crucial for health, functioning and performance. And that is why we are fully committed to the Campus Trail. "

Healthy exercise in your own environment
Lode Holding is located at Zernikepark 16 and is the parent company of the companies Lode, ProCare, aXtion and Umaco. Lode is a manufacturer of exercise meters, ProCare provides advice and is the trading company, Umaco is engaged in innovation and development in the broad field of life science and aXtion is IT specialist. Lode Holding is active worldwide in the field of medical technology, healthcare and a healthy living environment. With participation in the Campus Trail Lode Holding wants to put that into practice in its own environment. Johannes Wolters: "We are based at the Zernike Campus, where Healthy Aging is embraced, and we believe that we should also make it visible in our own immediate surroundings. Hence the initiative for the Campus Trail. "

Looking inside knowledge institutes and companies
This second edition of the Campus Trail is part of the lustrum program of 100 years of Sports Studies at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The route takes participants through a wide variety of knowledge institutes and company buildings. "A mix has been made between all Campus residents: the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the companies. It is important that you know from each other that you exist and this offers you the opportunity to have a look at all those residents. "Participants come to special places, including the building of Lode himself. "The program for this year is another surprise, but the runners go through our factory and right through our offices. Last year we also had people here on the treadmills that encouraged the participants, helped by music in the building."

Join the Campus Trail
Like last year Lode Holding participates in a business team, with Johannes Wolters as enthusiastic participant. "I myself am a trained runner and that is also necessary for this event. But it is very good to do. It's not a competition, it's about the performance itself and everyone can do that at their own pace. " Over 500 people have already signed up for the Campus Trail, but there is still space until the maximum number of participants of 1,000 has been reached. A regular ticket costs € 12.50. Student? Then show your student card and get a discount of € 5.00. The online registration is closed, but on the day itself you can purchase a starting number at the start (PIN only).


Source: Groc.nl

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