Lode Holding

Lode Holding is the parent company of the subsidiaries Lode, ProCare, aXtion and Umaco. With a rich experience, history and a wide range of products and services in Life Sciences, Lode Holding is more than 65 years a leading partner. We want to contribute to medical technology, healthcare and a healthy environment and thereby be a reliable partner.

Reliable for our customers, partners and our own people. A healthy environment for everyone, where everyone can develop themselves and where everyone is driven to get the best out of themselves and each other.

Ever since Freerk Lode manufactured the first electro-magnetic cycle ergometer in 1952, accuracy, reliability and durability have been fundamental for further developments. Having started years ago in the small market of cardiology and pulmonary function, Lode BV has become a specialist in the complete spectrum of medical ergometry. Lode is world renowned as a manufacturer of high quality ergometers and the Lode brand stands for accuracy, durability and ergonomic design. The Lode product range varies from bicycle ergometers and treadmills to recumbent, arm and supine ergometers and ergometry software. Long-term experience in manufacturing medical equipment and continuous development to meet the changing requirements of the market, make Lode a flexible and reliable partner. Together we can transform your specific ideas and wishes into custom-made products.

ProCare BV is a professional trading company specializing in the supply of equipment and measuring instruments for the benefit of human health and the workplace. The professional service department of ProCare provides maintenance and calibration of measuring equipment. And for our customers, we organize and accredited industry related workshops and seminars.

aXtion is a software development company which specializes in developing web application, mobile and / or PC applications. Hence the credo ‘IT solutions, because a software solution is never simple’. In addition to software development, aXtion has built up a lot of specific knowledge over the years, such as that regarding on-line questionnaires, measuring the effects in these questionnaires, support for complex work processes and extensive knowledge about healthcare and government.

Umaco is a product development companies in the Life Science sector specializing in the realization of (new) product ideas. Do you have any ideas or new technologies that you would like to investigate further and then develop into a new product? Then Umaco is the partner where these ideas and technologies can be developed and exploited. A partner in medical and care-related product developments

Website: www.lodeholding.com