Shared vision on regional development: MedTech in Northern NL


Ambition and current status

The cooperative wants to attract subsidies to help the regions experienced medtech entrepreneurs to develop solid business plans and raise funds. 
The plan of attack is currently being elaborated.



Due to the discontent of several experienced medtech entrepreneurs, the cooperative has held 17 stakeholder interviews. These entrepreneurs have clearly stated that direct entrepreneurial support is needed, to realize regional ambitions. 



With a detailed plan of attack, sponsoring will be sought to survey, judge, select, elaborate, provide proof to and fundraise for the ideas.  


Specific goal of the project is that during 2016, five such ideas will be developed. 
In general: Understanding of ambitions, alignment, more unity, definition of roles towards knowledge institutions and governments.

Members actively involved in this project:

More information about this project

Ronald Hesse, Business developer,
T: (050) 361 0336