Growth of the LifeCooperative: Syncom expands!

Tuesday 23 May 2017

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Syncom is expanding! There will be opportunities for the company to develop new products and sixteen to twenty new jobs will be available. Following the expansion in 2015, the company has grown rapidly which results in further expansion. The province contributes 206,000 euros from the Regional Investment Groningen (RIG) budget, intended for companies at the Zernike Science Park and in the Eemsdelta.​

The expansion of the company concerns investments in equipment, laboratories and sustainable adaptations to and in the building, such as climate control, refrigerators, storage rooms and workbenches. The investment is also used to grow chemical activities and other markets, such as biobased chemistry. The expectation is that this will also create additional employment at parties that work together with Syncom.


Reduction of CO2

Syncom is actively involved in a number of projects aimed at reducing the CO₂ reduction of, among other things, the chemical industry. Some of these projects will be carried out at the newly established location. In addition, investments are also made in a device that is very critical of CO2 emissions. This makes the production process much more environmentally friendly and cheaper.


Source: Groningen@Work

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